Fall Fashion Trends!

September 28th, 2011


Videos with my new hd camera soon! :)

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25 Responses to “Fall Fashion Trends!”

  1. MsEdawg123 says:

    i HATE peter pan …
    i HATE peter pan colars

  2. Lily0900 says:

    When when when when …
    When when when when when :) I dont mean to be offensive

  3. Beebeauty33 says:

    pleaseeeee see this …
    pleaseeeee see this!!! where did you get your black leather jacket?

  4. natalieee116 says:

    I LOVE YOUR HAIR! I love the length curls and color! Is it ombre? Ah you look stunning kailee! Love the video keep up the good work girl!(:

  5. cutehairfreak13 says:

    I LOVE lace
    I LOVE lace

  6. kandlmakeup says:

    Omygoodness, people …
    Omygoodness, people can be so mean! I love everything you showed, and it’s good to know that someone atleast has a style, I mean really!

  7. beautybella01 says:


  8. tcteng34 says:


  9. 6soccerchix says:

    @xxloveitupxx she …
    @xxloveitupxx she got it for christmas…. and paid for most of it

  10. shmac76 says:

    im obsessed with… …
    im obsessed with….. midriff tops lol I’m actually wearing one now lol

  11. shmac76 says:

    plade? rant they …
    plade? rant they flanlete?

  12. TaylorxPayton says:

    where was that …
    where was that leather jacket from?(:

  13. ihearttheworld03 says:

    @IROXXify she wears …
    @IROXXify she wears extensions

  14. cupcakesrule10 says:

    Motorcycle boots!!! …
    Motorcycle boots!!! I own like 5 pairs they r sooo cute!!! I hate te peterpan colored shirts and that’s prob because I has to wear then for my uniform at school. I love the vid and make more!!!

  15. IROXXify says:

    Do you wear hair …
    Do you wear hair extensions or did your hair seriously grow THAT fast?

  16. lolipopmonkey24 says:

    U-G-L-Y peter pan …
    U-G-L-Y peter pan collars got no alliby they ugly yah yah they ugly

  17. HolidayCheerDeer says:

    @9SweetiePie7 Sorry …
    @9SweetiePie7 Sorry you feel that way I really didn’t mean for it to come off like that … You didn’t have to be so rude about it I was just being honest!! :(

  18. HolidayCheerDeer says:

    @kaileemckenzie Ok …
    @kaileemckenzie Ok I am sorry if that came off kind of rude I really didn’t mean for that to happen … Sorry :)

  19. brookecook100 says:

    @HolidayCheerDeer …
    @HolidayCheerDeer her camera spazzed cause of the stripes

  20. UrbanBeautyx says:

    did u dye ur hair?
    did u dye ur hair?

  21. bluberable says:

    I -3 your videos …
    I -3 your videos but those are lace-up boots not combat boots, actual combats boots are usually a lot heavier and bigger. I LOVE lace up boots to but I just wanted to let you know that there not combat.

  22. brittnmj14 says:

    I wish i had a …
    I wish i had a spare $400 I would make better use than a BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. livluvlaughx3 says:

    not loving the pink …
    not loving the pink shirt, its pretty ugly…

  24. Kasielovesbeauty says:

    Where did u get …
    Where did u get that black motorcycl jacket? Its super cute. Btw love ur videos!! -3

  25. hannahdawn96 says:

    That pink shirt is …
    That pink shirt is pretty ugly.

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