Fashion goes to the dogs

September 28th, 2011

Sept. 26 – Puppy fashion takes center stage at Buenos Aires’ most exclusive fashion event. Sharon Reich reports.

Duration : 0:1:19

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6 Responses to “Fashion goes to the dogs”

  1. kapitanvic1 says:

    This vid for dog …
    This vid for dog lovers only.
    Non dog lovers, go back to your couch and watch wrestling.

  2. amyntazoe says:

    we are the most …
    we are the most stupid species on this earth!

  3. amyntazoe says:

    fake boobs!
    fake boobs!

  4. hobotzcarandco says:

    I was hoping to see …
    I was hoping to see a dog take a dump! lmao

  5. slonamu says:

    Botox in my eyes!

    Botox in my eyes!

  6. TomFuIp says:


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