Quick Fashion Tips for Plus Size Women

December 29th, 2010

If you all enjoy this video let me know and I will do a more in depth look at each individual body shape!

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13 Responses to “Quick Fashion Tips for Plus Size Women”

  1. MissChrissyful says:

    @franfan2 Thank you …
    @franfan2 Thank you so much! xo

  2. MissChrissyful says:

    @aylish11 Its gonna …
    @aylish11 Its gonna get you! haha xo

  3. MissChrissyful says:

    @xthunderings Thank …
    @xthunderings Thank you so much! You are just the sweetest! Alot of the things I talk about will work for everyone! We should all be confident and be able to feel beautiful regardless of our size! I will probably do a more in depth video for each body type at some point! You have a great day too! xo

  4. MissChrissyful says:

    @rainbowdrops22 …
    @rainbowdrops22 Thanks doll! I would like to see more of your smile too you know! …hint hint! xo

  5. MissChrissyful says:

    @StupidTwiLamb …
    @StupidTwiLamb boohoo you big baby! I just seen your faceuhhh! haha Love you! xo

  6. MissChrissyful says:

    @IstalkBananas That …
    @IstalkBananas That is both hilarious! …and a major compliment! …at the same time! Thanks! Love you darling! xo

  7. xthunderings says:

    While I am not plus …
    While I am not plus sized, I adore watching your videos. You have such a fun and bubbly personality, and I always smile when I watch a new video from you.

    It would be very cool if you could talk about hourglass body types! Have a great day hon. <3

  8. rainbowdrops22 says:

    Love this-I agree …
    Love this-I agree your smile is incredible!

  9. StupidTwiLamb says:

    I am SAD I’m not …
    I am SAD I’m not first it makes me want to cry :( great video as usual LOVE YOU!!!

  10. aylish11 says:

    Your smile is …
    Your smile is infectious! :)

  11. franfan2 says:

    Omg you are so …
    Omg you are so sweet! Just very lovable and inspiring!

  12. IstalkBananas says:

    You look like a …
    You look like a female Shaycarl!! Just really likeable!

  13. SheLovesMakeupp says:

    I’m sorry if this …
    I’m sorry if this is too personal but I’m plus size and it’s kinda hard to find bras. Where do you buy/find your bras?

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